About LQ Technologies

LQ Technologies helps businesses build, manage, and improve their Information Technology resources. Since 2007, we have helped all types of organizations grow, improve productivity, and offer new services to their clients and employees.

Our consultants work closely with the managers and leaders in our clients businesses. We align our technology recommendations and strategies closely with the goals of each organization decision-makers. In this way, Information Technology becomes a key component of business success, rather than an onerous expense. LQ Technologies also avoids one-size-fits-all approaches. Every organization is unique, and we tailor all our work to reflect each organization processes.

Your Satisfaction is our Goal

Keeping our customers happy is key to helping them succeed through technology.
We actively encourage your feedback and use it to become better, and also to recognise a job well done. Our customers regularly comment on the speed of our response, the patience of our staff, the fact we communicate and keep you in the loop, and when our staff go above and beyond expectations. Our staff are all on skills and development plans which focus on improving customer service skills as well as technical skills - all resulting in high customer satisfaction!

our advantages


We understand that our customers expect value-for-money. We will deliver this by offering you a range of options where possible, and by detailing the time and costs involved in offering you a service.


Customer service is a key for many companies. Our goal is to create personal touch, by assigning a consultant to each and every customer whose job is to coordinate and communicate with you throughout every process, acting as your first point of contact for any questions.


Our work is performed to the highest levels of quality, by doing tha we ensure your satisfaction. We strive to deliver excellent service in timeous periods without compromise on quality