At LQ Technologies, we understand the importance of high speed, uninterrupted, and cost effective connectivity and therefore offer a variety of connectivity solutions to meet your business needs.


LQ Technologies offers uncapped, unshaped symmetrical fibre with low contention. We offer up to 200Mps fibre connectivity speed that runs on a stable robust network.


LQ Technologies offer Microwave technology that present an opportunity to send and receive data at high speed connectivity. It is suitable for areas where quick deployment if necessary and there is no time to lay fibre cables.


LQ Technologies offer LTE to assist in mobility and quick installations. LTE is suitable for small businesses and can run for up to 50Mbps down speed.


LQ Technologies offers A/VDSL for small to medium businesses to cater for cost sensitive customers. The A/VDSL solutions come with various packages governing speed usage. It is a widely available form of connectivity and can come handy to most small businesses.


LQ Technologies offers cloud based PABX systems solutions. It is the best solution for company of any size because of quick deployment, cost effectiveness and convenience.